English- My book The Thyroid and The Entirety

The information in this book is based on several years of experience. The purpose of the book is to provide information and spread knowledge.

This book is written for interested doctors as well as patients who want to learn more about the thyroid gland and the causes behind thyroid dysfunction. It takes us on a journey through the body and explains how the thyroid gland works and interacts with different organs. It also gives the patient an understanding of their disease as well as knowledge and important tools with which to motivate their doctor.

The book also addresses how nutrition, environment and lifestyle factors affect the thyroid gland and adrenal gland function.

My experience in the treatment of thyroid diseases is presented in an easily accessible way together with informative patient cases. The latest treatment methods and published studies in the field are also presented here.

In the book, I also talk about my own thyroid disease and experiences dealing with the healthcare system. How by combining classical school medicine with the knowledge of the body’s need to stabilize minerals, vitamins and hormones, I managed to cure myself.

This is a book that I wished I had received in my hand when I was sick. 

The book is available as a printed book and as an e-book.

You can also buy it at Bokus, Adlibris, Amazon and in other stores.

The Thyroid and The Entirety

The Thyroid and The Entirety E-book