English- Treatment & Prices

Doktorazin.se is a private clinic without an agreement with the county council. This means that the County Council does not cover any costs for your consultation. As we work with a holistic perspective and strive to solve the root cause of your problems, a visit takes significantly longer than the usual 15 minutes that a tax-funded visit to the county council allows. Therefore, the cost of a visit with us is higher than with the tax-funded care.

A new visit usually takes 1.5 hours, of which about 45 minutes each for patient talks and administrative work.

The administrative work includes preparation before the meeting such as reviewing test results, reading medical records, documents and letters that the patient sends before the meeting as well as journal entry, prescription and ordering of samples after the meeting.

A new visit costs SEK 3000 fixed price. This includes about 45 minutes of patient conversation. All new visits are invoiced in advance. After the consultation, the patient receives a brief summary of the day’s appointment.

The return visit time is individual. A return visit with about 30 minutes of conversation including the administrative work after the meeting is charged SEK 1700.

We charge SEK 2600 per hour. This applies to video calls, phone calls, and administrative time. At present, we cannot offer physical visits. All patient contact takes place via video call or phone call.

Phone calls, certificates and referrals SEK 625 per 15 minutes

Prescription renewal according to current medication list SEK 315. This is included in connection with new visits/return visits.

We prescribe NDT if necessary and can apply for a license from the Medical Products Agency.

Renewal of license application SEK 1100.


At present, we send referrals to Unilabs and Karolinska laboratories. We do not have an agreement with the county council and therefore these samples are charged to the patient.

We can also investigate you with saliva, stool and urine analysis, hormonal tests, DUTCH tests, genetics, hair mineral and several other analysis.

Cancellations must be made at least 24h before the booked time. Later cancellations will be charged at 100%.

All services are billed.