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I am a licensed physician and specialist in family medicine with more than 23 years of experience in healthcare. In recent years, I have been more focused on and treated patients with hormonal problems, especially thyroid diseases. I have long collaborated with the Thyroid Association (formerly the Thyroid Association and the Hypothyroidism Association).

During my journey to becoming a better treating physician, I have always strived to find the root cause and prevent the disease instead of treating symptoms. Drugs have their place in medicine but should not be the only treatment route.

I therefore base my treatment not only on drugs but on the human being as a whole.

Life change, proper nutrition and peace of mind are the foundation of our health, especially in chronic diseases.

I believe that our body is a universe with a tremendous ability to heal and recover if given the right conditions.

Since I have always been interested in the human psyche, I have immersed myself in this area. I have participated in several courses, including mindfulness and yoga, and have been certified for CBT step1.

My interest in thyroid diseases and other endocrine organs began early as several of my patients and close relatives were not feeling well despite the recommended standard treatment. It wasn’t long before I became very ill with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an inflammatory thyroid disease, with an impact on multiple organs. I believe that my path to healing, as well as both being a doctor and a patient in our healthcare system, has given me a great understanding and experience which has enabled me to help others in a similar situation.

Here I want to thank my loved ones and my amazing patients who have helped me become who I am today.

Dr Azin Farid, Specialist in Family Medicine